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Red Bound Rugs

red bound rugs

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Front Mug Rug 4

Front Mug Rug 4

All finished! Decided on a b/w binding so as to not distract from the colors.

I quilted this twice. First, using rainbow threads, 6 different ones, but they just didn't show up well. So I took it all out and redid it with red. Kind of wish I'd used black, but I'm not doing it again. Live, learn, forget, screw up again. lol

Finished mug rug

Finished mug rug

Well partner, what do you think?
This wasn't how I intended the pieced binding to be placed (I got distracted!) but now that it's done and it echoes the fabric placement in the block I think it's ok like it is. Does it work for you?

Thanks to Carol for the single fold binding suggestion, it went on like a dream!

red bound rugs

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