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How To Get Dog Urine Out Of Carpet

how to get dog urine out of carpet

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294/365 - Running (out of | for) ideas!

294/365 - Running (out of | for) ideas!

Not SOOC at all!

And yes, I think that this time I was really out of ideas... So my most "brilliant" idea was to wait for the clock to mark the 23:45 and to place me before with a finger up to do a number one.... yes, I think my mental disorders are on holidays...

Anyways, my today's pic is here... I'm not completely happy with the shot but... well, I promise i will do something better soon... To be honest it was not a nice day...

But well, you have an awesome Friday night and a double awesome weekend!!!

Good night!

Out of focus (Day 95/365)

Out of focus  (Day 95/365)

I did not purposely take this photo out of focus but when I looked at it I realised that it really does sum me up today. I was going for tired but got tired and out of focus!

Sat through our staff meeting this morning with every part of me feeling weak and trembly and with everything sounding slightly distant. Then slept the whole afternoon - one way to get out of a whole day staff meeting!!!

how to get dog urine out of carpet

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